40 € / Hour

Audio recordings / Arrangements for instrumental productions / Mixing and Audio retouching / Custom instrument creation.

Artistic Package

190 € / Song

This price includes:

A 4-hour session at StudioYouts

 Vocals + Artistic Mixing.

- Mastering included in the package -

Ideal for a music video or radio broadcast

 Advanced Package

500 € / Song

This price includes:

A first 4-hour session at StudioYouts

Instrumental track structuring.

A second 4-hour session at StudioYouts

Vocals + Advanced Mixing.

- Mastering included in the package -

- Custom-made instrumental tracks -

Ideal for an album with controlled sound from start to finish, and with a specific timbre for each song


50 € / Song

Satisfied with your mix?

Having extra experience in the field of mastering, StudioYouts can offer you Stereo Mastering.

Studio Youts BEATZ INSTRUMENTAL audio Mixage mastering


Starting from 60€ / Instrumental

Check out all the instrumental tracks created by Youts himself!


A partir de 110€ / Titre

You already recorded your song.

You'd ideally like for the mixing to be professional and commercial, so StudioYouts can offer your Stem Mastering, or the Multi-track Mix&Mastering.

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