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With extensive experience in the field of mastering, StudioYouts offers Stereo Mastering. This is a classic mastering of your music made with a carefully selected chain of digital materials.

Has several advantages:

  • Achieves the best possible end result
  • You have the possibility to get the stem file processed in 4 separate tracks (Drums, Bass, Melody, Voice) + the Stereo Master in order to replay them live (option).
  • Digital (with Analogic) processing


Basic rendering includes:

  • 1 Wav master file 24 bit 44100Hz or more according to your request (up to 96Khz)
  • 1 master file Wav 16 bit 44100Hz
  • 1 mp3 master file 320kbp


To order, nothing more simple, you validate the different options and the amount of master to achieve.

After payment, you can send us your 24-bit files without dither by wetransfer to the following address: (click here)


It is very important to check that your files have a minimum of dynamics, leaving a peak value between -6 and -4db.
The most important thing is that your files never exceed 0dbfs.


Make a bounce (export) of your own mix as you listen to it at home. We call it a 'rough mix', it's about the mix of the artist / producer before the official sending to the mix. It will be taken as a reference and will make it possible to become acquainted with the way the artist hears his music.


If you wish, we will give you a feedback on the quality of the audio files and any changes to make to optimize the mastering and thus the final result.


Your tracks will be treated as soon as possible, from 7 to 10 days depending on the amount of work to be done. If you have a date requirement, you can subscribe to the Express Service 48h option.

We will transfer the masters to you also by wetransfer.


If these suit you perfect! Otherwise you can send us your remarks which must be clear and precise (example 00:28: too much acute in the sample, lack of compression on the kick etc ..). 2 changes are included in the base rate.


Any changes will be made within 48 hours.

Our priority is your satisfaction, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project.


150,00 €Prix
Acapella version
Instrumental Version
Version Live (with baks and choruses)
Delivery separate stems for live
Rush work (48H)
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